Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fytch- In These Shadows EP

French dubstep producer Fytch teams up with Kushberry to capture the hearts and attention of dubstep fans with another release on Jesus Died 4 Dubstep Records (JD4D). I personally prefer instrumental tracks but the vocals of Carmen Forbes is such a beautiful contrast to the aggressive nature of dubstep, but yet a soft compliment to the melodies in the track In These Shadows. The two continue the patterns of beautiful melodies overlaying aggressive womps in Bright Lights, where no vocals are needed to express contrast. They continue to create a massive neurofunk/DNB tune with Post Mordem and close their 4 track EP with a darker, more house-like tune with no specific genre classification, Sinister Hearts...and sinister is just the right word. Support dubstep and grab this EP on Bandcamp.

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Hybris - Emergence (album)

Hybris is blowing my mind with this album. He is no stranger to the underground world of drum & bass with his now second release on super group Noisia's record label, Invisible Recordings, with the first one being his Garbage Truck EP. The American born producer had this to say about this game-changing 15 track LP:

"I wanted to make this album a cohesive listening experience from start to finish, while still tending towards the dancefloor. It took up a good majority of the past three years of my life, and overall it was a pleasure to work on."

His hard work is clearly evident while listening to Emergence from beginning to end; he has certainly emerged as a powerful DNB producer and wrote a wonderful story for your ears. Support Hybris by purchasing Emergence on Beatport and iTunes.

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Ninja Kore - Beautiful Disaster

Meet Ninja Kore, a 5 man bass band from Portugal who just released their first full length album featuring 12 monstrous tracks. Their unique sound is no secret- pulling together genres such as punk, metal, breaks, electro, trap, and of course dubstep and drum and bass into a beautifully produced work of art. Much like other more familiar bass bands such as Modestep and Destroid, Ninja Kore performs with live instruments and a vocalist. With only 6.6k followers on Soundcloud, the only difference between them and other bass bands is that they don't the attention they so rightfully deserve! Listen to Beautiful Disaster and support Ninja Kore, buy the album on Beatport and iTunes.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dr.Ozi - Mental Giant

Its no secret, Canadian dubstep duo Dr.Ozi have surely put out a monstrous track, much like the artwork with their newest release Mental Giant. This is their first release on Dustla Records who has also signed other upcoming dubstep artists such as Spag Heddy, ak9, EH!DE, and Karetus. With a strong intro that sets the heavy tone for the rest of the track, Mental Giant showcases an innovative take on the stereotypical "brostep" that Dr.Ozi is promoting to new levels. This is definitely a banger that will hit dancefloors and festivals all over the country- if it hasn't already. Check out the rest of their soundcloud and support them by getting Mental Giant on Beaport today!

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Subzee D - Clowns/Say What EP

Birmingham producer Subzee D is no stranger in the underground dubstep scene. With releases on U.K. Dubstep record label H.E.N.C.H.- who also features Eddie K, Vodex, Jakes, Beezy and many others- as well as London's Dub Police (with artists such as: Caspa, Emalkay, Rusko, and -my personal favorite- Trolley Snatcha), Subzee D has made himself comfortable with the famous U.K. grime we are so familiar with hearing from these labels.

With that said, his newest two track EP (Clowns/Say What), released on Dutch dubstep label Oi! Recordings, is no disappointment to this expectation. Subzee D delivers the filth in Clowns with a dark atmosphere set by the samples from the 1990 movie of Stephen King's IT and the ever famous joker performance by Heath Ledger in the 2008 box-office hit The Dark Knight. Say What is not as dark as Clowns but is still just as nutty. The only thing I dislike about this track is the random 'HAY! HAY! HAY!' chants- I'm just not a fan of the 'HAY!' and 'WUT!' chants. Other than that, these tracks are golden! Support Subzee D and grab this EP on Beatport, iTunes, or Juno!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cyberoptics & Numbernin6 - Rootwork (SINGLE)

I have been looking forward to this collab for quite some time now. Cyberoptics, a 24 year old producer from Memphis, TN, is no stranger to the deep and dark world of dubstep. With recent singles like Strange Man White Van and The Secret Garden, and the genius of their last collab together- The World Is Your's- the expectations of a quality, dangerous track was real. Add in the never disappointing production of Richmond veteran dubstep producer Numbernin6 and you have a recipe for an aggressively beautiful track. Which is the perfect way to describe Rootwork. The atmosphere is thick, the melodies are soft, and although others are critical of the complexity- it has the perfect yin and yang that these two have mastered so well in both individual and collaborative production. Such a tune! Big ups to Excision at Rottun Recordings for signing it! Grab it on Beatport, iTunes, and Juno today!

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Twine - Killing Machine EP

2014 has proven to be Florida-based producer Twine's breakout year. Starting off, he signed his freshman EP The Absolute to Datsik's Firepower Records, followed by a 4 track EP for reaching 5,000 followers on soundcloud a month ago (which at the moment has reached 9.4k), a single on Excision's Rottun Recordings (Mania) as well as a couple remixes for Firepower superstars Barely Alive (see Rifle Blow Kiss and Welcome To The Real World). And that's just the tip.

Seasoned dubstep stars such as Datsik, Getter, Excision, and more recently Zeds Dead have been rinsing his tunes this festival season on their travels across the country. Twine even joined Getter and AFK to open up a few select dates on their Gnartillary Tour. He's surely caught the attention of the dubstep community and has finally teamed up with 12th Planet at Smog Records to present to you Killing Machine.

Killing Machine - With an introduction that grabs your attention by the sounds of an intense hunt with screeches and growls, the track quickly builds into a brutal drop followed by the dirtiest kicks and synths that leave you stank-faced until half way through. He slows it down a bit but only to introduce the nuttiest drop of the track that clearly sets the tone for the rest of the [dubstep] tracks in the EP.

Trillaz - This may be Zeds Dead's favorite track of the EP, but I have an unfair bias toward trap music- even if it is considered to be hybrid. Needless to say, this is my least favorite track. I love some heavy basslines but not when accompanied by the infamous 'WUT? WUT? WUT? WUT?' chant. I hate to be critical of someone's work, so I will just leave it with "it's not my thing"; but, it doesn't sound like a nightmare Flosstradamus track and sticks to the general tone that Killer Machine had set before it.

Throwback Thursday - Fast paced melodic intro that drops into a screeching throwback with some Circus Talent as well as a slight Figure (or maybe the right word I am looking for here is Halloween) influence with a new, Twine twist. I can't help but look at the title and pick familiar sounds out- but, that's a good thing! This is a completely original track with some all-star influence. I dig it.

Testify - At last, my favorite track of the EP. The intro sets the spooky tone with scattered hard synths that build into the filthiest, most unique drop of the entire EP accompanied by the angriest growls. I cannot get enough of this tune, its definitely the wonkiest on this release and I love wonky. Big ups on this one man!

Trypto - Yet another trap tune. The intro, build up, and drop isn't bad and again, I'm a sucker for heavy basslines, but I'm such a white girl and don't know how to dance to this. Turn down.

Support Twine and grab his Killer Machine EP on beatport!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Grimblee - Nemesis EP

This Salt Lake City Utah producer is breaking out big in the dubstep community with his massive 5 track Nemesis EP, released with high hopes and expectations on Prime Audio record label. Prime Audio is famously known for signing more well known bass heavy producers, such as: Funtcase, Genetix, Getter, JPhelpz, and Barron and after listening to these tracks, Grimblee proves that he without a doubt belongs on the same record label. With a clear UK grime influence and phenomenal production, he has caught the attention of both bass heavy fans and producers worldwide and delivers, easily, one of the heaviest EPs of the year, so far, with my personal favorite being Mightnight Slaughter. If you don't already, go follow this man on soundcloud! He is always pumping out fresh tunes and definitely doing his part to contribute to the evolution of dubstep. Support Grimblee and grab his EP on beatport.

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London Nebel - City of Fog LP

It wasn't too long ago that I was writing about the German Dubstep duo Donnie Digital and Nasty Fingers with their last release on Bassclash Records, Full Contact EP, and here I am again now presenting to you a full length, 16 track album that ranges from the obvious deep dubstep, to the wonkier side- riddim, and even break-beat and carnival. It is evident that these two put a lot of time (apparently they've been working on it since last summer!), effort, and creative thought into making sure they delivered an album that both seasoned and newer dubstep fans would appreciate. I have listened to this album in its entirety 4 times since its full release yesterday on Sin City Recordings and can confidently say that London Nebel is doing their part to disprove the age old saying that dubstep is dead. Support them by grabbing their album on beatport and also be on the lookout for their next release, Follow the Groves, on p0gman's label I.Am.Audio

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things have been slow, but here's a lot to look forward to...

So, after my Red Rocks and Infrasound run, my interest in writing slowed down- mostly due to the lack of creativity in the music that was being released. A few good things were put out here and there but nothing that really drove me to write a full on blog post about. With that said, here are a few releases set to come out in the coming weeks that I am personally looking forward to adding to my arsenal:

1. Grimblee - Nemesis EP (release date: June 30th on Prime Audio)

2. London Nebel - City of Fog LP (release date: June 30th on Sin City)

3. Numbernin6 & Cyberoptics - Rootwork (release date: June 30th on Rottun Records)

No preview! but if its ANYTHING like their last collab, The world is Your's (which I'm expecting it to be deeper) then I'm already diggin' it.

4. P0gman - Harder EP (release date: July 1st on Uplink Audio)

5. Ganja White Knight - Addiction (release date: July 8th)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Matchbox Orchestra - I Forget/Juice

12 days ago a branch of, formerly known as "Dubstep.NET", gave us a sneak peak of Dubba Johnny's newest side project "Matchbox Orchestra" with a beautiful, soulful, melodic track featuring RJ Duke. The vocals in "One Day" flow straight through your soul- kissing it tenderly- accompanied by the most uplifting melodies and perfectly raw synths that leave you feeling rinsed with pure nostalgia. It was THIS track that caught my attention to this tasteful side project.

Today, Matchbox Orchestra released a 2 track EP on Sup Yo! Music label including "I Forget" and "Juice". These fresh, mid-tempo tracks are testimony of Dubba Johnny's range of diversity in musical production. "I Forget" is another melodic dubstep piece featuring vocal talent of singer/songwriter Matthew Emberson while "Juice" displays a break beat and garage influence. All three of these tunes are definitely good additions to your summertime playlists and I would highly suggest doing so! I'm not sure what more to expect from this side project, but I do hope there is more.

Get it on Beatport

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rude Summer Jam (Event)

“Out of many, one music”
This summer in Brixton (London, UK) N-Type & Raggs present Rude, their new multi-genre roots bass night, bringing together another dazzling lineup from south London’s bass music scene, including:

Room One:

N-Type, Walsh & Blacks

Quest & Crazy D
(Anti Social/dubstep)

Raggs, Dubfreq & Sun of Selah
(dubstep with live sax)

Jay Cunning & King Yoof
(future jungle)

Jamie Rodigan

Dappa & Mr Gee

Room Two:



Horsepower (Benny Ill/Matt)


+ special guests

The rave will take place over two floors in Brixton’s infamous DJ pub, The Dogstar, with a wide variety of bass music styles rooted in south London. Rude is representative of the music styles that belong to the streets of south London, and have been championed at various levels by the artists performing at their nights. This is sound system music, inviting a lively mixture of ravers all passionate about dancing and partying- everyone is welcome and everyone comes! There are not only a significant number of women working behind the scenes to make this night happen, but with female artists and dance-heavy beats, the inclusive atmosphere ensures a good mix of the sexes in the dance! Rude is particularly excited about their new venue with two bespoke rooms, and their very good friends Horsepower hosting the VIP. On behalf of Rude Bass, they cannot wait to welcome everyone aboard for their summer jam this year!

Remember there is a strict ID policy at the door – don't forget to bring it with you to avoid disappointment!

RSVP at the Facebook Event page
Contact Rude:
Facebook | Twitter

Rude Bass is ALWAYS on the lookout for mixes and productions from new and upcoming artists. Please contact them with any questions and also check out their soundcloud and mixcloud.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

London Nebel - Full Contact EP

After searching tirelessly this morning for some new music to write about, I finally stumbled upon this heavy, 5 track EP released by London Nebel on Bassclash Records. The German dubstep duo just released a free EP hardly a month ago and has another EP set to release on May 26th with Sin City Recordings succeeded by Follow the Groves EP on I.Am.Audio (no release date yet). Currently ranked at number 8 on the Beatport's Dubstep releases, the Full Contact EP is filled with deep, wonky tunes that will surely make you bounce and skank out. This is going to be an exciting year for London Nebel so I would give them a like on FB and a follow on SC- great treats in store for our hungry ears!

Get it on Beatport

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Dark Elixer's last release ever (as Dark Elixer) - Machines

A few weeks ago our friend Dark Elixer made quite an emotional post on his fan page stating that after his next two EP's- Simple Chaos on Firepower and now Machines on Underslung Audio- he will be respectfully retiring his dubstep career. Of course saddened by this news but excited to hear his final release, I now present to you his two track Machines EP- including 'Machines' and 'Fractured'. This deep release accompanied with heavy basslines and clean synths leaves you feeling quite satisfied with his exit but by no means does this conclude that he will not be missed! The dubstep community has lost another good of luck to him and his future endeavors.

Webshop | Beatport | iTunes | Juno

Unfortunately, Dark Elixer has deleted his Facebook fan page, but here is his soundcloud.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Widdler - OGO

The Widdler, a Tel Aviv native who now resides in Austin, Texas, has recently released his newest album "OGO", featuring 6 tracks ranging from deep minimal dubstep, to "spooky" and "almost bubbly" beats. His melodic and tribal sounds are challenging the paradigm in the dubstep community by avoiding stereotypical "dubstep drops". His smooth crescendos leave you in almost a trance like state "feeling cleansed". A few tunes from this album have also been featured on DAD (Do Androids Dance) as well as The Dankles. As of today, his album sits at #5 on Beatport's Dubstep releases. Congrats to him! Check out his bandcamp and get the entire album here. On a side note, I'm really stoked to see him at Infrasound Music Festival in a few weeks! :D

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» The Widdler's soundcloud «

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stinkahbell's Free Album Has Inspired Me To Return To Blogging

No matter how you may know him, Stinkahbell, Nutty P, or just Anton Flanders, there's no denying that this man lays down the freshest synths and melodies in this FREE 15 track album. Aside from the beautiful production, the soulful vocals and [mostly] down tempo vibes make this album an easy listen to all music fans of any genre; however, is a huge success for the dubstep community.

My personal favorites are Neon City and Seduction Game [feat. Jordan King], although I honestly can't help but get so into the album as a whole- its been on repeat since he uploaded it to Soundcloud yesterday. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks as much- he reached his max downloads yesterday and had to reup a new link this morning. Big ups to him for inspiring me to return to Back to the BASSics and for producing and giving out a beautiful collection of art! Download the album and give the man some support- share the love!

New download link HERE

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» Stinkahbell's soundcloud «

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I have returned from Holy Ship!!! And have a vid of Dillon Francis's laptop freak out.

Wow. So, what a party, eh? I have tons of pictures, so check out my instagram. As far as stories go, I happened to get a pretty badass video of Dillon Francis freaking out because Diplo's twerker spilled her vodka all over his macbook and ruined it in the middle of his set. Check it!

Flosstradamus ended up mixing until Skream and Zed's Dead took over and finished up. Dillon DID play his set on the beach the next day on Floss's laptop and also apologized to LaFayette (Diplo's dancer) for calling her out on stage like that. He was just salty because he didn't get to debut his new tracks...which, I would be too. Also, for anyone saying he should've had back up or calling him a bitchass, just keep in mind that if you have never been on Holy Ship, then you have no idea what a party is. Holy Ship is unlike anything you've ever been to in your life...its anything BUT 'normal circumstances'.

Also, Skrillex went b2b with EVERYONE and played a two hour set on the beach because Pharrell was 3 hours late to his set. Fuck yeah, Skrillex is the man. <3

Oh, and the *special guest* was Tiesto. Not impressed.

Dubstep Ain't Dead, It Just Smells Funny - Document One (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

After giving out 12 free tracks for 12 Dubz of Christmas, Document One once again gifts their fans with more free music. Which, who doesn't love free music? Especially with a title like 'Dubstep Ain't Dead, It Just Smells Funny'. Moar good tunes! <3

» Document One's facebook «
» Document One's soundcloud «

Thursday, January 9, 2014



Be back on Sunday the 12th. :)

Macklemore - White Walls (Bassel x Tyler Clark TRAP Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD!]

This super chilled trap tune is perfect for the car rides for up coming festival season. Don't believe? Check it out for yourself. I'm super picky about my trap so if I'm sharing a trap tune with the internets, it's pretty good.

» Tyler Clark's facebook «
» Tyler Clark's soundcloud «

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Terravita - Check This Out (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

Remember that sweet opening song from Terravita's Shambhala set that no one had ever heard before? BOOM! 'Check this Out' is off of the 'Rituals LP' which is set to release on April 1st on Firepower Records.

Don't forget that Terravita will be touring with Robotic Pirate Monkey over the course of the next few months. Check dates and get tickets here.

Free download here
» Terravita's facebook «
» Terravita's soundcloud «

Dr- Ozi - Look Away Ft. Nikki Jumper & Matt Kitchen (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

Dr. Ozi is surely kicking off 2014 with a BANG! With the success of The Rise EP released on Buygore Records in the beginning of December, 'Look Away' has proven to be another huge banger for these Canadian bass producers.

» Dr. Ozi's facebook «
» Dr. Ozi's soundcloud «

David Heartbreak - Acid Youths (JumoDaddy Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD!]

Herly herp derp! This Budapest based producer has blown me away with this trappy, dubby, HEAVY remix of David Heartbreak's Acid Youths. This has the potential to be a dance floor hit and I absolutely recommend it for anyone's festival mixes for this summer.

» JumoDaddy's facebook «
» JumoDaddy's soundcloud «

Demented Sound Mafia - This Is How I Feel (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

Slowing it down with some down-tempo glitch on this fine Tuesday night.

» Demented Sound Mafia's soundcloud «

AlphaBit - Dope Shit (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

I'm a bit late posting this but, better late than never! Happy New Year from AlphaBit! Say what you want about their synths, but I like them.

» AlphaBit's facebook «
» AlphaBit's soundcloud «

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Infected Mushroom - FUNGUSAMONGUS tour - Richmond, VA

Soo proud of my homie Korin Complex getting the opportunity to open up for these dudes! I haven't had the opportunity to see Infected Mushroom OR Butch Clancy before- I will DEFINITELY be there.

Helicopter Showdown & Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Drippin

Heli Shodo dug deep with this heavy collab with one of my personal favs, Midnight Tyrannosaurus. Be on the lookout for a free DL link in a few days!

"We had great fun, expect us to crank out another deep tune or two in the future :) - Helicopter Showdown

» Helicopter Showdown's facebook «
» Helicopter Showdown's soundcloud «
» Midnight Tyrannosaurus' facebook «
» Midnight Tyrannosaurus' soundcloud «

Zack the Lad (aka Trolley Snatcha)

If you didn't already know, well, now you know: Trolley Snatcha = Zack the Lad. After finding this out, I stalked his soundcloud page for 2 hours listening to all of the goodies that he has been hiding from us. Since then, many of the tunes that were previously uploaded have been removed, but here are a few of my favorites that were left behind! They're all very down tempo and chill- more so than his usual style.

FuntCase & DJ Hatcha - Fire Puja

Gahhhdamn! This new release from FuntCase and DJ Hatcha- set to release Jan.27th on Sin City Recordings- is HEAVY! I really dig the Tibetan influence and definitely feel the ritualistic vibe with this tune. I see you UK dub, I see you.

Fun fact! A fire puja, (as defined by Ananda Dharma Center) 'is an offering of a large number of specific substances tossed into a fire during an elaborate ritual. The fire puja burns off or purifies obstacles and bonds us more closely with the Buddha.

» FuntCase's facebook «
» FuntCase's soundcloud «
» DJ Hatcha's facebook «

p0gman - FREE EP!

As a sign of appreciation to his fans, p0gman has just released a bangin new EP- FO FREE! You can find a decent mix of trappy, synthy, heavy dub with my personal favorite being 'Panty Drop'...what can I say? I'm a sucker for heavy synths. <3

» Download EP here «

Track list:
Generic- trappy
Grow- chillstep, down tempo
Mjjyb- my deep hau5 friends will enjoy this one
Panty Drop - heavy, *FAVORITE* bassline synths make a lady drop her panties <3
Ride - dnb
Shoes - sexy synths

p0gman - Shoes

» p0gman's facebook «
» p0gman's soundcloud «


Sooo, this just happened... <3


Too bad I'll be on Holy Ship when they come around my area...yeahhhh, but not really. If you have the opportunity to see these guys, do yourself a favor and GO! Robotic Pirate Monkey is the TITS!

Systek - The Sea of Luminescence (FULL LENGTH ALBUM-FREE DOWNLOAD!)

This ambient, down tempo full length album features 16, beautifully engineered tracks....FOR FREE! Also, if you listen to it from intro to end (including the remixes) you may just experience a spiritual journey...sober. But GD, shoutout to those Mechanized Wasteland remixes too, DAMN! Great album!

» Systek's facebook «
» Systek's soundcloud «

Random Soundcloud Finds - Raving Badger Records

Hot damn! Thanks to my magnificent soundcloud stalking skills, I've stumbled across another hidden gem- Raving Badger Records. I love these late night, random finds! You may have heard of their most recent release, Panda Eyes & Alpha Noize - Cadillac, which amazingly is also featured on EDM.COM- previously 'Dubstep.Net'.

Reaching us from the UK, this young, bass heavy record label is turning a year old this month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To celebrate their success, I want to share them with all of you. Give them a like on facebook and follow their soundcloud for more glitch, dub, and drum & bass! I'm excited to see what's next for them.

Panda Eyes & Alpha Noize - Cadillac (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

» Panda Eyes' facebook «
» Panda Eyes' soundcloud «
» Alpha Noize's facebook «
» Alpha Noize's soundcloud «

JPhelpz - Tinted (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

This bassline has been stuck in my head all day. Thank the bassgods for all of the free music this snowy weather has brought us bassheads.

» JPhelpz facebook «

Monday, January 6, 2014

Savant - Amerika (FREE DOWNLOAD!!)

Peep this [embarrassing as an American] track off his new FREE album! It has a Culprate/Noisia bassline to it...I can dig.

» Savant's facebook «

Trampa - My Drift (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

Trampa is one of my absolute favorites and this bass heavy track is nomnomnom <3

» Trampa's facebook «