Monday, May 26, 2014

Matchbox Orchestra - I Forget/Juice

12 days ago a branch of, formerly known as "Dubstep.NET", gave us a sneak peak of Dubba Johnny's newest side project "Matchbox Orchestra" with a beautiful, soulful, melodic track featuring RJ Duke. The vocals in "One Day" flow straight through your soul- kissing it tenderly- accompanied by the most uplifting melodies and perfectly raw synths that leave you feeling rinsed with pure nostalgia. It was THIS track that caught my attention to this tasteful side project.

Today, Matchbox Orchestra released a 2 track EP on Sup Yo! Music label including "I Forget" and "Juice". These fresh, mid-tempo tracks are testimony of Dubba Johnny's range of diversity in musical production. "I Forget" is another melodic dubstep piece featuring vocal talent of singer/songwriter Matthew Emberson while "Juice" displays a break beat and garage influence. All three of these tunes are definitely good additions to your summertime playlists and I would highly suggest doing so! I'm not sure what more to expect from this side project, but I do hope there is more.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rude Summer Jam (Event)

“Out of many, one music”
This summer in Brixton (London, UK) N-Type & Raggs present Rude, their new multi-genre roots bass night, bringing together another dazzling lineup from south London’s bass music scene, including:

Room One:

N-Type, Walsh & Blacks

Quest & Crazy D
(Anti Social/dubstep)

Raggs, Dubfreq & Sun of Selah
(dubstep with live sax)

Jay Cunning & King Yoof
(future jungle)

Jamie Rodigan

Dappa & Mr Gee

Room Two:



Horsepower (Benny Ill/Matt)


+ special guests

The rave will take place over two floors in Brixton’s infamous DJ pub, The Dogstar, with a wide variety of bass music styles rooted in south London. Rude is representative of the music styles that belong to the streets of south London, and have been championed at various levels by the artists performing at their nights. This is sound system music, inviting a lively mixture of ravers all passionate about dancing and partying- everyone is welcome and everyone comes! There are not only a significant number of women working behind the scenes to make this night happen, but with female artists and dance-heavy beats, the inclusive atmosphere ensures a good mix of the sexes in the dance! Rude is particularly excited about their new venue with two bespoke rooms, and their very good friends Horsepower hosting the VIP. On behalf of Rude Bass, they cannot wait to welcome everyone aboard for their summer jam this year!

Remember there is a strict ID policy at the door – don't forget to bring it with you to avoid disappointment!

RSVP at the Facebook Event page
Contact Rude:
Facebook | Twitter

Rude Bass is ALWAYS on the lookout for mixes and productions from new and upcoming artists. Please contact them with any questions and also check out their soundcloud and mixcloud.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

London Nebel - Full Contact EP

After searching tirelessly this morning for some new music to write about, I finally stumbled upon this heavy, 5 track EP released by London Nebel on Bassclash Records. The German dubstep duo just released a free EP hardly a month ago and has another EP set to release on May 26th with Sin City Recordings succeeded by Follow the Groves EP on I.Am.Audio (no release date yet). Currently ranked at number 8 on the Beatport's Dubstep releases, the Full Contact EP is filled with deep, wonky tunes that will surely make you bounce and skank out. This is going to be an exciting year for London Nebel so I would give them a like on FB and a follow on SC- great treats in store for our hungry ears!

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Dark Elixer's last release ever (as Dark Elixer) - Machines

A few weeks ago our friend Dark Elixer made quite an emotional post on his fan page stating that after his next two EP's- Simple Chaos on Firepower and now Machines on Underslung Audio- he will be respectfully retiring his dubstep career. Of course saddened by this news but excited to hear his final release, I now present to you his two track Machines EP- including 'Machines' and 'Fractured'. This deep release accompanied with heavy basslines and clean synths leaves you feeling quite satisfied with his exit but by no means does this conclude that he will not be missed! The dubstep community has lost another good of luck to him and his future endeavors.

Webshop | Beatport | iTunes | Juno

Unfortunately, Dark Elixer has deleted his Facebook fan page, but here is his soundcloud.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Widdler - OGO

The Widdler, a Tel Aviv native who now resides in Austin, Texas, has recently released his newest album "OGO", featuring 6 tracks ranging from deep minimal dubstep, to "spooky" and "almost bubbly" beats. His melodic and tribal sounds are challenging the paradigm in the dubstep community by avoiding stereotypical "dubstep drops". His smooth crescendos leave you in almost a trance like state "feeling cleansed". A few tunes from this album have also been featured on DAD (Do Androids Dance) as well as The Dankles. As of today, his album sits at #5 on Beatport's Dubstep releases. Congrats to him! Check out his bandcamp and get the entire album here. On a side note, I'm really stoked to see him at Infrasound Music Festival in a few weeks! :D

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stinkahbell's Free Album Has Inspired Me To Return To Blogging

No matter how you may know him, Stinkahbell, Nutty P, or just Anton Flanders, there's no denying that this man lays down the freshest synths and melodies in this FREE 15 track album. Aside from the beautiful production, the soulful vocals and [mostly] down tempo vibes make this album an easy listen to all music fans of any genre; however, is a huge success for the dubstep community.

My personal favorites are Neon City and Seduction Game [feat. Jordan King], although I honestly can't help but get so into the album as a whole- its been on repeat since he uploaded it to Soundcloud yesterday. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks as much- he reached his max downloads yesterday and had to reup a new link this morning. Big ups to him for inspiring me to return to Back to the BASSics and for producing and giving out a beautiful collection of art! Download the album and give the man some support- share the love!

New download link HERE

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