Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zack the Lad (aka Trolley Snatcha)

If you didn't already know, well, now you know: Trolley Snatcha = Zack the Lad. After finding this out, I stalked his soundcloud page for 2 hours listening to all of the goodies that he has been hiding from us. Since then, many of the tunes that were previously uploaded have been removed, but here are a few of my favorites that were left behind! They're all very down tempo and chill- more so than his usual style.


  1. What are the two songs that were removed? Id really like to find them i randomly found zack on my cloud and never even heard of trolley. His alias is amazing, about to check out trolley's main page. Please write back

  2. I really like to know the others as well. I remember some got deleted and they were really cool, favourite songs but I can't remember the names.