Monday, May 26, 2014

Matchbox Orchestra - I Forget/Juice

12 days ago a branch of, formerly known as "Dubstep.NET", gave us a sneak peak of Dubba Johnny's newest side project "Matchbox Orchestra" with a beautiful, soulful, melodic track featuring RJ Duke. The vocals in "One Day" flow straight through your soul- kissing it tenderly- accompanied by the most uplifting melodies and perfectly raw synths that leave you feeling rinsed with pure nostalgia. It was THIS track that caught my attention to this tasteful side project.

Today, Matchbox Orchestra released a 2 track EP on Sup Yo! Music label including "I Forget" and "Juice". These fresh, mid-tempo tracks are testimony of Dubba Johnny's range of diversity in musical production. "I Forget" is another melodic dubstep piece featuring vocal talent of singer/songwriter Matthew Emberson while "Juice" displays a break beat and garage influence. All three of these tunes are definitely good additions to your summertime playlists and I would highly suggest doing so! I'm not sure what more to expect from this side project, but I do hope there is more.

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