Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cyberoptics & Numbernin6 - Rootwork (SINGLE)

I have been looking forward to this collab for quite some time now. Cyberoptics, a 24 year old producer from Memphis, TN, is no stranger to the deep and dark world of dubstep. With recent singles like Strange Man White Van and The Secret Garden, and the genius of their last collab together- The World Is Your's- the expectations of a quality, dangerous track was real. Add in the never disappointing production of Richmond veteran dubstep producer Numbernin6 and you have a recipe for an aggressively beautiful track. Which is the perfect way to describe Rootwork. The atmosphere is thick, the melodies are soft, and although others are critical of the complexity- it has the perfect yin and yang that these two have mastered so well in both individual and collaborative production. Such a tune! Big ups to Excision at Rottun Recordings for signing it! Grab it on Beatport, iTunes, and Juno today!

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Twine - Killing Machine EP

2014 has proven to be Florida-based producer Twine's breakout year. Starting off, he signed his freshman EP The Absolute to Datsik's Firepower Records, followed by a 4 track EP for reaching 5,000 followers on soundcloud a month ago (which at the moment has reached 9.4k), a single on Excision's Rottun Recordings (Mania) as well as a couple remixes for Firepower superstars Barely Alive (see Rifle Blow Kiss and Welcome To The Real World). And that's just the tip.

Seasoned dubstep stars such as Datsik, Getter, Excision, and more recently Zeds Dead have been rinsing his tunes this festival season on their travels across the country. Twine even joined Getter and AFK to open up a few select dates on their Gnartillary Tour. He's surely caught the attention of the dubstep community and has finally teamed up with 12th Planet at Smog Records to present to you Killing Machine.

Killing Machine - With an introduction that grabs your attention by the sounds of an intense hunt with screeches and growls, the track quickly builds into a brutal drop followed by the dirtiest kicks and synths that leave you stank-faced until half way through. He slows it down a bit but only to introduce the nuttiest drop of the track that clearly sets the tone for the rest of the [dubstep] tracks in the EP.

Trillaz - This may be Zeds Dead's favorite track of the EP, but I have an unfair bias toward trap music- even if it is considered to be hybrid. Needless to say, this is my least favorite track. I love some heavy basslines but not when accompanied by the infamous 'WUT? WUT? WUT? WUT?' chant. I hate to be critical of someone's work, so I will just leave it with "it's not my thing"; but, it doesn't sound like a nightmare Flosstradamus track and sticks to the general tone that Killer Machine had set before it.

Throwback Thursday - Fast paced melodic intro that drops into a screeching throwback with some Circus Talent as well as a slight Figure (or maybe the right word I am looking for here is Halloween) influence with a new, Twine twist. I can't help but look at the title and pick familiar sounds out- but, that's a good thing! This is a completely original track with some all-star influence. I dig it.

Testify - At last, my favorite track of the EP. The intro sets the spooky tone with scattered hard synths that build into the filthiest, most unique drop of the entire EP accompanied by the angriest growls. I cannot get enough of this tune, its definitely the wonkiest on this release and I love wonky. Big ups on this one man!

Trypto - Yet another trap tune. The intro, build up, and drop isn't bad and again, I'm a sucker for heavy basslines, but I'm such a white girl and don't know how to dance to this. Turn down.

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