Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I have returned from Holy Ship!!! And have a vid of Dillon Francis's laptop freak out.

Wow. So, what a party, eh? I have tons of pictures, so check out my instagram. As far as stories go, I happened to get a pretty badass video of Dillon Francis freaking out because Diplo's twerker spilled her vodka all over his macbook and ruined it in the middle of his set. Check it!

Flosstradamus ended up mixing until Skream and Zed's Dead took over and finished up. Dillon DID play his set on the beach the next day on Floss's laptop and also apologized to LaFayette (Diplo's dancer) for calling her out on stage like that. He was just salty because he didn't get to debut his new tracks...which, I would be too. Also, for anyone saying he should've had back up or calling him a bitchass, just keep in mind that if you have never been on Holy Ship, then you have no idea what a party is. Holy Ship is unlike anything you've ever been to in your life...its anything BUT 'normal circumstances'.

Also, Skrillex went b2b with EVERYONE and played a two hour set on the beach because Pharrell was 3 hours late to his set. Fuck yeah, Skrillex is the man. <3

Oh, and the *special guest* was Tiesto. Not impressed.

Dubstep Ain't Dead, It Just Smells Funny - Document One (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

After giving out 12 free tracks for 12 Dubz of Christmas, Document One once again gifts their fans with more free music. Which, who doesn't love free music? Especially with a title like 'Dubstep Ain't Dead, It Just Smells Funny'. Moar good tunes! <3

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