Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things have been slow, but here's a lot to look forward to...

So, after my Red Rocks and Infrasound run, my interest in writing slowed down- mostly due to the lack of creativity in the music that was being released. A few good things were put out here and there but nothing that really drove me to write a full on blog post about. With that said, here are a few releases set to come out in the coming weeks that I am personally looking forward to adding to my arsenal:

1. Grimblee - Nemesis EP (release date: June 30th on Prime Audio)

2. London Nebel - City of Fog LP (release date: June 30th on Sin City)

3. Numbernin6 & Cyberoptics - Rootwork (release date: June 30th on Rottun Records)

No preview! but if its ANYTHING like their last collab, The world is Your's (which I'm expecting it to be deeper) then I'm already diggin' it.

4. P0gman - Harder EP (release date: July 1st on Uplink Audio)

5. Ganja White Knight - Addiction (release date: July 8th)